Outer Dark

19 CT/MA

i pressed flowers into books today

wrote another letter 

ate breakfast with matt 

told myself this was worth it


I’m living horribly
so I don’t want to know how you’re doing
I’m living horribly
if you want to know how I’m doing


I wish my vocal chords were able to do the disturbed thing bc i am so down with the sickness 

really tho i can feel myself slowly slipping into full blown sick as a dog Annie who has a track record of going kinda crazy, spending entire days looking up conspiracy theories and convincing herself that she is from another planet and is a specific race of alien and can astral project to find out where those aliens are in the universe


Loma Prieta

Nile floor


Today I listened to noel’le longhaul and mogli and the official suckers today while I cried in my bathroom with the shower running. It’s really hard to realize that I’m no closer to feeling at home with myself, my identity or my body than when I was a sophmore in highschool. All I have are those same voices singing to me as I make a nest in the steam of showers and watch as my form disappears in the mirror.


i’m the kind of girl buses splash with rain.


I miss the sound of the loons singing at night now all I hear is sirens and shitty music